Simpler Really Is Better

Simpler Funding helps you focus on growing your business, instead of finding, vetting, and negotiating with investors.

Our advisory firm adapts institutional level servicing and strategies to the small and medium sized business markets. We streamline the search for funding while maintaining the personalized and hands-on approach usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

Not All Investors Are Created Equal
Finding the right investor is hard work, especially if you don’t even know where to start. Even if you have an investor, how can you be sure their goals are aligned with yours?

The Simpler Funding network of venture capital funds, family offices, direct lenders, and international private investors can offer a multitude of capital structure options. Let us find the partner for you who will craft a solution that truly fits your business.

Get Ready To Rumble

Investors won't hold back and neither should you. Securing funding takes more than just an application; you’ll likely have to submit financial documents, sell investors on your ideas, and negotiate hard for the best offers.

Prepare for this due diligence process using our detailed assessment of your business and current market conditions. Then use our custom strategies to target potential investors. You will feel confident with even the toughest of investors.

A Simpler Tomorrow
How will you deploy your capital once you have it? Investors are watching. They want to know that you are using their investment effectively and according to plan.

Simpler Funding helps you get funded and then works with you post-raise to stay on plan, create tangible metrics for capital returns, and form a communication strategy with your investors so raising money in the future will stay Simpler.


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