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Simpler Funding provides the middle market a doorway to private debt financing. We leverage our expertise to advise middle market businesses through the process of obtaining capital from this rising asset class.

Our advisory firm adapts institutional level service and strategy to the middle market. Our team can structure, execute, monitor and service the transaction, ensuring that you can stay focused on the business while the experts stay focused on the financing.


A Race To the Middle

Institutional portfolios seeking diversification of credit exposure is fueling a global expansion of middle market lending. Simultaneously, banks are reducing lending to the middle market in an effort to rein in their balance sheets and grapple with the recent post-crisis regulatory environment. 

For the foreseeable future, middle market lending will continue to draw the focus of institutional investors, while shifting towards the mainstream. Simpler Funding will position your business to benefit from this unprecedented growth in capital.

The Benefits of Private Debt

​Private debt teams focused on lending to the middle market are emerging at a fast pace and across a wide range of institutional types. Insurance companies, family offices, and alternative asset managers are just a few examples where this asset class is taking shape.​ Th​e diversity and influx of new money is providing companies with distinct benefits compared to traditional lending. 

In the private debt marketplace, a company can access unique capital structure options​ where covenants are flexible and credit support can take multiple forms. Pricing has also become more competitive and deal execution faster as the scope and number of players in the space has risen. This opens up many novel financial products for middle market businesses that are unable to use traditional methods of raising capital like bank financing or a public offering.

Consistent Performance

“Over the longest period for which data are available, private debt has outperformed two key fixed income indices, Global High Yield and US Investment Grade.”

Source: ICG The Rise of Debt as an Institutional Asset Class

The strong performance of private debt continues to attract more institutional investors looking to add stability to their portfolios.

Hungry Fund Managers

"North America-focused fund managers continue to have the most capital available as of June 2016, as dry powder reserves for funds focused on the region increased to $129bn."

Source: Preqin Quarterly Private Debt Update Q2 2016

The high volume of unused capital gives businesses looking for financing greater leverage in negotiating terms and access to cheaper capital.

Robust Institutional Demand

"Institutional investors have largely increased their exposure to the private debt asset class since 2009, and private debt increased in prominence again in 2015."

Source: 2016 Prequin Global Private Debt Report

Increasing demand leads to increased competition. This gives businesses flexibility in selecting different financial products and investors that will help grow your business.

Investors Without Borders

"While 83% of private debt investors are located in either North America or Europe, this represents a decrease of five percentage points from the previous year, indicating that investors in Asia & Rest of World are increasing their exposure to the asset class."

Source: 2017 Preqin Global Private Debt Report
Increased exposure from foreign markets provides a steady overseas pipeline of capital and allows a business to build connections and gain traction in global markets.

Not All Investors Are Created Equal

Finding the right investor is hard work. Even if you have an investor, how can you be sure their goals are aligned with yours? We will craft a pitch and presentation materials to make sure you are highlighting the key information. We consider your strengths and weaknesses to make sure you are targeting the most interested investors. 

The Simpler Funding network of insurance companies, family offices, alternative asset managers, and international private investors offer a multitude of capital structure options. Our partners have different goals - let us find you a deal that matches yours.

Simpler Really Is Better

Securing funding takes times, hard work, and persistence. Be prepared to explain your financial condition, sell investors on your ideas, and negotiate hard for the best offers. Understanding the financial landscape is key to knowing how much leverage you have. Our in-depth funding analysis of your business and the market conditions show you what terms you can expect, how to negotiate the best terms, and the impact financing will have on your future goals. Feel confident speaking with the toughest investors.

We make sure raising money in the future will stay Simpler.

Our Team

Managing Partner
Howard uses his experience and financial expertise to craft the best deals for middle market enterprises.
Ed executes Simpler Funding's strategic goals and advises businesses and investors through complex private debt transactions.
Ching works closely with businesses and investors on the critical aspects of the deal from conception to closing
Courtney cultivates new investor relationships to provide our clients a diverse array of financing options.


Jason Smith
BOSTON, ​April 6, 2018

A partnership between a Wall Street firm and a Norwegian lender that seeks to connect investors to the emerging aquaculture sector is seeing increased interest in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)projects.

Jason Smith
NEW YORK, ​September 21, 2017

A new joint venture between a Wall Street firm and a Norwegian lender plans to make millions available for medium- and large-scale fishing and fish farming projects.

NEW YORK, ​August 9, 2017

Simpler Funding has entered into a strategic partnership with Lighthouse Finance AS, a Pan-Nordic operational equipment leasing and asset management firm.


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